31 DAYS: CONTENT IN CHRIST (Post 4 - Definitions, Part 1)

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On the first day of this writing challenge, I unveiled my topic with the Merriam-Webster Dictionary's definitions for "content" and "contentment."  Today, I'm going to flesh out these definitions a bit.  I'll start with "content."
content: pleased and satisfied; not needing more
When was the last time you were pleased?  Did it involve something done by you?  For you?  With you?  Or did it involve something entirely different?

Jesus commands for us to be pleased in Him and Him alone.  In the Mark 10:17-27, we are told of a rich, young ruler who was pleased in his own riches.  He came to Christ and asked, "What shall I do to inherit eternal life?"  After Jesus told him that his works alone (obedience to the law) could not save, He challenged the young man to give his all - to sell his possessions, give to the poor, and follow Him wholeheartedly.  The man "went away grieving, for he was one who owned much property."  

We are often pleased in ourselves...in our wealth, in our accomplishments, in our growing families, etc.  Is this wrong?  Of course not!  However, we should call into question the level to which we are pleased.

Am I pleased MORE by my own strivings and earnings...or am I pleased more by Christ and all He has done in my life?

The second part of the definition of "content" speaks of satisfaction.
Does a Snickers bar really satisfy?  I am being a bit facetious here, but we often think of food when we think of satisfaction, don't we?  

Beyond good food, beyond time with family, beyond landing the "dream job"...Jesus Christ is the ultimate Satisfier.  His death on the cross satisfied God's wrath, and our trusting in his resurrection and triumph over sin and the grave should satisfy us fully.  The Presbyterian Church USA recently decided not to include one of the best modern hymns "In Christ Alone"  (by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend) in their hymnal because of the inclusion of the lyrics "the wrath of God was satisfied."  You can read about this decision here.  However, I digress...

When we think about being "content," we should ultimately think of where we gain pleasure and satisfaction.  Today, I am seeking to gain these things from Christ alone.  

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