Fellowship So Deep

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Lately, I have been listening to a 2006 Caedmon's Call album called "In the Company of Angels II: The World Will Sing."  I LOVE me some Caedmon's, mostly due to their thick harmonies and their lyrical richness.  In this day of crank-it-out-quick pop hits, Caedmon's has always hearkened to an older age of more thoughtful writing.  Their music is rife with quality vocabulary and imagery...and the biblical and historical allusions abound!

The "In the Company of Angels" albums were compiled in order to breathe fresh air into old hymns and create new songs that still had that older, hymn-like structure.

One of the songs I've had on repeat (and there have been SEVERAL) in my car lately is "Fellowship So Deep."

        For the Love that knows no ending
        In the wisdom of God's plan
        For the Light that was descending
        To revive the heart of man
        Christ the Lamb was made to suffer
        And to die upon a tree
        So that we, sisters and brothers
        Could know His fellowship so deep

        Let us sing of our Redeemer
        And of His love that made us free
        And know this gift is ours forever
        Fellowship so deep, fellowship so deep

        We can feel His love among us
        We can sing Redemption's song
        We can hear the Spirit call us
        To a place where we belong
        For His joy is in our laughter
        And His comfort in our grief
        Let His love, here and ever after
        Be the language that we speak

        Let us sing of our Redeemer
        And of His love that made us free
        And know this gift is ours forever
        Fellowship so deep, fellowship so deep

Listening to this song over and over has cultivated within me a desire to have that "fellowship so deep" with Christ even more with each passing day.  It has also prompted me to seek out opportunities to have "fellowship so deep" with my sisters in Christ.

I was incredibly blessed to be able to sit and share coffee with a friend and her precious baby boy the other day.  It was a wonderful time of catching up and planning for a future event we're attending.  But more special than the details of our chat was time spent with a like-minded soul...another believer who is actively growing in Christ and challenging herself to step outside of comfortability and disciple others.  She asked advice of me and I did of her as well.  There was a free-flow exchange of experience and calling in our conversation.  It was a Proverbs 27:17 kind of discussion - "Iron sharpens iron, and one man (or woman!) sharpens another."  

In a way, it filled me up.  But it also made me long for even more.

I remember a time a few years back when I had several really good girlfriends who studied with me and held me accountable on a daily/weekly basis.  Several relocations and a marriage later, I do enjoy the daily fellowship of my husband.  And he is a wonderful encourager in such things.  But there's just something special about the friendship of other sisters.  It's a different type of "fellowship so deep."

So I am committing afresh to intentionality in my friendships.  I want to invest in others and have them challenge me as well.  I want to reconnect with some and newly engage with others.

This is my prayer:   

Lord, let me sing of my Redeemer and of His love that made me free.  And know this gift is mine forever - fellowship so deep.  Let me show that gift to others, to believers and unbelievers alike.  And let Your love truly be the language that I speak.  Embolden me not to wait around for people to "drop into my lap" but rather to reach out in intentionality and grasp those opportunities for true fellowship. 

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