Our First Attempt at the "Family Photo" Christmas Card

by - 11:34 PM

This time of year is often filled with everyone and their brother putting out these "family photo"-style Christmas cards.

In fact, 2013 went down in the books as the year of the first (I think?) viral video Christmas card. You can check it out here.

And to each his own. I've just never really felt compelled to do so. 

Since my husband and I do not yet have kids (and since I am the world's worst at procrastinating the sending of anything via the postal service), we've never really done the Christmas card thing.

Until now.

Well, to be completely honest, I just created one on my compy and posted it to Facebook for all our friends and family to see and subsequently laugh at.

It's actually kinda' sad that we're more photogenic when we make derpy "duh" faces than we do when we're actually smiling and attempting photogenicity. [And, yes, that's a word. I just looked it up.]

So Merry Christmas to all...and a Happy New Year, too!

Casa de Pratt

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