Birthday Evaluation

by - 8:29 PM

This is it. My birthday. At 1:32pm today, I officially turned 35 years of age. 

That's weird to me. 35. A new box to check. A downward slide into 40 [snort]. I am not so concerned with being another year older. I am, however, concerned with being another year down the path toward Heaven yet nowhere near where I want to be in light of the holiness that radiates from my God.

When I was small, birthdays were filled with fluttery anticipation of parties, presents, and cake. [Ohhhh, the cake!] But as I grow older, birthdays have become a time to "be still" (Psalm 46:10) at my Savior's side, to be ever so grateful for the fragile blessing that is and continues to be…my life.

Birthdays also give me pause to evaluate, much like New Year's Day does. And as I look back upon my 34th year, I see a myriad of things to evaluate: my walk with Christ, my relationship with my husband, my closeness with family and friends, my progress toward work/health/educational goals, and whether or not I'm seizing every opportunity to minister for Christ. 

In my 34th year, I started this blog…and then I took a break from it over the summer. But I am craving to be back. Back to writing on a regular basis. Back to sharing what God is teaching me. Seminary papers and counseling case notes beckon, so I must be brief. But I want this to be known: I long to be here…stumbling along this "journey to godly" with you.

So today, on my birthday, one of the things I am evaluating is what I do here on the blog and why I do it. And I'd like your help. Please leave a comment below about what you'd like to see here. If it's addressing a specific topic biblically, great! If it's providing resources for your own studies, wonderful! Please let me know how I might best use this blog to honor God by serving you.

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