September 30, 2014

#InfluenceConf 2014 RECAP

I'm not quite sure where to begin. I am still processing all that I learned last Thursday through Saturday, and I'm not quite certain I'm ready to share that half-digested nugget of knowledge with the world.

Last year, I attended the Influence Conference for the first time. I had no real expectations, as I had never been to a blogging conference before…let alone a Christian women's blogging conference. 

September 16, 2014

#InfluenceConf 2014 (meet + greet)


I am SO looking forward to meeting and connecting with all of you this year. Even more than that, though, I’m excited to meet with the Lord and hear from Him at Influence 2014.

I had an amazing time at last year’s conference. Part of that was (obvi!) due to being there with my sister, who lives long-distance...but the rest was due to the fact that God truly works through the women who put on this conference. I actually almost flubbed it up this year, as I waited too long to buy my ticket. But thanks to someone who couldn’t attend, I was able to transfer her ticket last-minute.

September 15, 2014


Having recently reentered seminary, I have found myself reordering my life around a new set of deadlines - really, a new set of priorities. If you've ever begun anything new (or started back to something that's been absent in your life for a while), you'll know that it is hard work to get everything accomplished - especially at the beginning!

In recent weeks, I have found myself trying to shove my husband, job, schoolwork, friendships, Bible study time, and ministry opportunities into the tiny bag that is my life…until it was bursting at the seams! Getting it all in there is tough stuff. Picture this: it's like the carry-on suitcase that is too small to now zip up around the entire wardrobe you want to take with you on vaca. No matter how much you squish, tuck, fold, roll, cram, and sit on the case - it refuses to close. What's a girl to do?