31 DAYS: CONTENT IN CHRIST (Post 1 - Introduction)

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Throughout the month of October, I will be participating in the "31 Days" blogging challenge hosted by thenester.com.  I would like to post daily; however, the reality of the matter is that I will be posting thoughts on my topic every few days. I will be studying and writing on the topic of being "content in Christ."  I was introduced to the concept of finding my contentment in God alone when I was 18 years old - five years after I first trusted in Christ as my Savior.  

And all I can say is...I wish I had known about this Divine contentment from the start!
"What is contentment," you may ask?  The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the term and its root as follows:
content: pleased and satisfied; not needing more
contentment: the state of being happy and satisfied
As women, we often seek to find our contentment in other things: the pursuit of the "ideal" weight, enhancing our beauty, making the good grade, dating the right guy, having the "perfect" marriage that yields 2.5 kids, etc.  However, in the midst of the constant ebb and flow of life's waves, I have found contentment in Christ ALONE to be the consistent theme in Scripture that I can always place my finger on to steady myself.  I pray that throughout the month of October, you might find this to be true for you as well.
See you tomorrow!

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