31 DAYS: CONTENT IN CHRIST (Post 5 - Definitions, Part 2)

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Let's forge ahead in defining being "content in Christ."

Remember, Merriam-Webster defines it as so:

        contentment: the state of being happy and satisfied

Yesterday, we looked at the satisfaction portion of this.  Today, let's look at the happy!

We often speak of wanting to be happy, don't we?  I suppose happiness means different things to different people.  As I'm writing about this topic, this is what I hear in my head:

Yes, that is Ren & Stimpy.  Moving on...

Working in the mental health field for over 8 years now, I have heard the phrase "Happiness is a Choice" a LOT.  And it can be.  Everyday, I have to "choose" to be happy in Christ.

Now when I speak of happiness, I don't mean just getting the "warm fuzzies."  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Following Christ and finding our contentment in Him is not about feelings.  Many people try to emotionalize Christianity.  We often see it in our worship music...singing heartstring-plucking lyrics over and over again in order to evoke deep emotions and possibly tears.  I'm not saying that your connection with the Spirit through worshipping in song might not lead to tears...because it does to me oft-times!  But our worship shouldn't just be about the feelings.  To me, being "happy" in Christ goes much deeper than just a surface emotion.  It goes to the deepest part of my being - to a place I'd call true joy.  The "joy to the world, the Lord has come!" kind of joy.

The Lord has made a way for me to commune with Him.  He has covered my sin and made me whole.  He has placed a new song in my heart.  This is more than surface "happy."  This is true joy.

So, I hope you find true joy for your journey today.  The joy and satisfaction that comes from being content in Christ.

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