Divine Appointments

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Have you ever gotten that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach that you are in a certain place at a certain time for a certain God-given purpose? For me, it usually means that I have stumbled upon someone I am to reach out to in Christ's love. Many Christians refer to these chance meetings as "divine appointments" (due to the fact that the meetings are not really "by chance" at all!). One of the most dramatic divine appointments in my life occurred while I was a junior in college.
It was about 11pm at night, and I was making a grocery-run for my roommates and myself (Girls...yes, late-night grocery-runs are a "must" in college!). I puttered around the store, snagging plenty of sugar-filled snacks for the all-night study session ahead. By the time I finally wheeled my shopping cart up to the checkout, it seemed that I was the only one in the store...the only one other than the cashier, that is.
Her name tag read "Rebecca." She was a wide-eyed, brown-haired, teenage check-out girl. Rebecca fixed her enormous blue eyes on mine and immediately began sharing details with me that I felt honored to be hearing. Rebecca confided in me about her relationship with her boyfriend. Apparently, they were "on the rocks" due to his unsavory character. Looking back, I wonder if Rebecca's social skills were lacking a bit because she was sharing such intimate details with a complete stranger (boundaries, people!), but I firmly believe that this was a God-appointed meeting. Rebecca instantly felt comfortable with me (who knows why?), and she obviously needed some godly advice about what to do in her situation. I'm not sure if I was wearing my halo that day or what...but somehow she seemed to know I had something (Christ!) to offer her.
In about ten uninterrupted minutes at the checkout, I was able to share God's love with Rebecca. I told her that His plan for her was to eventually marry a man that loved God and was good to her. I implored Rebecca to vacate her current relationship. I shared with her that she should begin seeking out a church family and growing in a real relationship with the Lord by means of salvation in Jesus Christ BEFORE catching the eyes of any more young men out there. I tried to get Rebecca to see that she was a beautiful young woman inside and out and that she should value herself enough to set some higher standards for her dating life. I know...heavy stuff!
After those few, tender moments passed, other customers began arriving. We had to cut our convo short; however, I believe that I shared God's love and wisdom with Rebecca in a way that glorified Him. Though I never saw Rebecca again, I still pray for her from time to time, trusting that I planted a God-appointed seed in her life toward salvation and wise living.
So what about you? Keep your eyes open for your own divine appointment this month.
The above article was originally featured alongside others with an "evangelism" focus here on the SAGE Girls Ministry website. Check it out! 

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