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I had the opportunity to attend the 2013 Influence Conference back in September.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  I have been mulling over the lessons I learned there throughout the past month, and I think I am finally ready to write about it.


A while ago, a friend of mine had advised that I attend a good, solid blogging conference if I was serious about wanting to enter the world of online writing.  Boy, was she ever right!

When the opportunity came to attend Influence, I honesty didn't even know what it was.  I had long-since forgotten the wise words of my friend, and I had everything on my mind BUT starting up a real-live blog.  I had pondered writing more frequently, though, and I had been stock-piling some posts for future use.  I had even toyed with setting up a site, but my motivation was off and my focus was blurred.  However, my sister Laura had been seeking to start a handmade business from home along with a blog about her quest - and with two tots under three, that is QUITE the quest!  Anyway, she HAD heard about the Influence Conference (and knew what it was!) from her friend Diana Stone, who is a very experienced and well-networked blogger.  In what some would chalk up to a mere act of fate, the conference "just happened" to be in Indianapolis (45 minutes away), Diana "just happened" to be speaking at the conference, Laura "just happened" to be invited last-minute to tag along, and She Reads Truth "just happened" to be offering a coupon code that I could take advantage of.

What the world suspects as "happenstance" the believer knows to be Divine providence. 

First off, I was ECSTATIC about seeing my sister!  The last we were in the same room was at Christmastime.  After all, the busy life of an army wife with two wee ones out in El Paso, TX does not allow the luxury of constant contact! 

Secondly, I was stoked to attend a Christian ladies' conference in general.  I had originally been planning to go to the LifeWay Women's Leadership Forum, but another obligation eclipsed it.  So I was beyond glad to be able to replace that experience with another.

When the time finally arrived to attend Influence, I was primed and ready to be encouraged by the sweet fellowship of like-minded women.  What I received was better than expected.

I was blown away by the solid theology and Gospel-centered nature of the leaders of the Influence Network.  As a seminary student and fan of deep doctrine and proper biblical interpretation, I lean cynical.  But I was pleasantly surprised to hear truths that could not be denied.  I was challenged boldly from God's Word to consider the call to influence those the Lord has placed around me...whether that be up close and in person or from afar, via "the interwebs."  I gotta' say, I've been blessed to share in the lives young women for years now.  Opportunities for discipleship and friendship have abounded in the past, but I was challenged to make the leap into intentionally pursuing and enhancing my current circle of influence.  And I was admonished to better gird myself with God's Word in my own journey of sanctification in Christ.  


Lord, You already know what's on my heart.  The desire to leap.  To grow, to reach.  To extend, to teach.  Thank You, Jesus, for the refreshment of soul and honing of role at #InfluenceConf 2013.

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  1. Hey, that friend was me! How cool!

    1. It WAS you! And such good helped to clarify a lot for me. Thanks, girl!


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