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Have you ever checked out the band Everlife? If not, pleeeeeaaaaase will not regret it! They are sure to be an encouragement to ANY young woman out there who is looking for quality music with a quality message. Everlife is a band made up of three real-life sisters who got their start on the Disney music circuit. These truly stunning beauties, inside and out (Amber, Sarah, and Julie) are fellow believers in Christ who have some really great stances on girls' issues.
[Bonus: because they are sisters, they have super-tight harmonies--which, of course, I dig!]
In the video I have linked below, the girls pair an acoustic performance of one of their hit songs with a mini-interview. They address the struggle we ladies have finding our contentment in Christ rather than in the world's view of us. The sisters speak about how the media's harsh, judgmental glare has defined beauty for us and has filled our tender, impressionable minds with lies. The girls put words to the inner battle we all fight to feel pretty. At one point during the interview, big sis' Amber comments that "there's never, like, an actual goal that you hit that you finally feel content with." It's a daily struggle, and these three ladies are candidly transparent about their own internal combat with the subject. Not only do the sisters share their difficulties but they also encourage us to find solutions. They admonish us to gather a hedge of people around us who consistently confront the lies in our minds about how we feel about ourselves. With their song "What's Beautiful," Everlife challenges their listeners to be the ones to decide what's attractive for themselves, rather than letting the world decide it for them.
Lead singer (and baby sis') Julia's clear and powerful words slice to the core as she implores us not to seek "plastic" happiness by wishing we were someone else, but rather:
"Learning how to truly love who I was made to be...
Imaginary enemy no longer has control of me!
Lately I've been fighting with that girl in the mirror 
Who decides what's beautiful?
We are all so different, not one is the same
Now it's time that we can all decide what's beautiful!"
So snuggle down in a comfy chair, load up the video, and take the time to refresh yourself. Again, the song is called "What's Beautiful," and hopefully it will encourage you all! May we all seek to hold each other accountable to what God's Word says we are: beautiful. For we are "wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14)! BTW...if you wanna' check out Everlife at their "official" website, just go to Enjoy!

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