A Response to Kmart's "Show Your Joe" Jingle Boxers Commercial

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Kmart has received quite a bit of backlash from their recent commercial about jingling boxer shorts.  Many are offended, stating the ad is "ridiculous," "disgusting," and even "filthy." Me? Well...  

While this commercial doesn't really "offend" me, I do find it in poor taste and lacking more of the witty sentiment I've seen in past Kmart shock value-style commercials. I'm sure many of you were not keen on Kmart's recent "Ship My Pants" and "Big Gas Savings" ads due to their obvious use of phrases that make the actors sound like they're cursing. But I will admit they've led to a few chuckles in my home. No, they're not appropriate. And no, I don't think these ads are in the best interest of kids who may be watching and mimicking. But why would I delineate between these prior commercials and the current one? Because I think it's one thing to use pseudo cuss words in an ad and another thing entirely to use genital humor in an ad. I guess my formal statement is something akin to, "Is this really necessary?"

In a post by The Kansas City Star, a viewer was quoted as follows:
     "I LOVE the Joe Boxer commercial!  Yes it's ok for half-
     naked Victoria's Secret models to be bouncing down the 
     runway...but when a playful commercial featuring hot guys 
     is aired, all the right wing 'religious' conservatives go nuts."

Um, no. Just. No.

This dude's missed the point.

Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/11/19/4633656/kmart-joeboxer-jingle-their-bells.html#storylink=cpy
You see, it's NOT okay for Victoria's Secret and the like to display their models the way they do. Their ads are not only offensive but also dangerous because they elicit much more of a "lusty" response from the demographic to which they appeal.

So what's my beef with the Joe Boxer bit? Honestly, I'm just sick and tired of everyone sinking to the basest level of humor. I mean, pretty much every syndicated TV show that comes on in the afterschool/evening time slot already reeks of pervy guys' locker room humor. Do we need the holiday commercials to go there as well?

And do we really need the little boys in our homes wiggling their man parts while making jingle bell noises...because let's face it, you KNOW there will be some copycatting going on. And it'll probably happen right in the middle of Christmas dinner or some other time when all your relatives are in the house. 

Sexual humor is crude at best, degrading and abusive at worst. And while I'd say the Kmart commercial ranks at only about a 4 out of 10 on the ole raunch-o-meter for me...sexualized ads like these do continue to prove the adage "sex sells." And I believe God designed sex to be much more sacred than a pair of jingling boxer shorts. And during Christmas? Sheesh. Is this really necessary?

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