"Ultimate Sleepover" Facebook Cover

by - 4:24 PM

Hello to all you girls and leaders out there who attended SCBI's "Ultimate Sleepover" this year! I truly enjoyed spending the weekend hanging out you and talking about the truths in God's Word.

If you went to my breakout session on "Netiquette," you may remember me challenging each of you to use your social media presence for God's glory. Well...

At the top of this post is a free Facebook cover that matches the backdrop from the Sleepover event. Feel free to click on the image to pull it up bigger, right click, save, and set it as your banner. This would be a great way to show your faith to others and get your friends asking about the awesome time you had this past weekend. Who knows? It could even lead to some opportunities to witness, get friends involved in your youth group, invite people to next year's event...all things that may bring them one step closer to becoming Christ followers themselves!


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