31 Days: "Word of God Speak"

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This month, I will be linking up with The Nester to write for 31 consecutive days about the same topic: "Word of God Speak."

Since I am currently pursuing my biblical counseling certification, I have been doing a ton of studying lately! And most all of my studies here recently have had to do with the sufficiency of God's Word for the decision-making process. So...I will be putting all that study to use by blogging about what I am learning for the next 31 days!

So often, we attribute so little of what we feel "God is speaking" to us to the actual, written words in Scripture. I know I've done it! Many times, I've struggled to "hear God's voice" and "know His will" without searching the Bible for how His Word might lead me.

All that said, please join me in studying the ways that God does/doesn't speak to us over the month of October. I will be posting the links to each day's blog post at the link below, as the month progresses.


If you would like to take the 31 Days Challenge, click on the link below:


I hope to see you soon!

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